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Topic View Template

Template used to view single topic and its related replies.

Available Tokens for Topic View Template

Token Description
[ACTIONS:ALERT] Displays a button users press to report a post.
[ACTIONS:DELETE] Displays the button used to delete a post.
[ACTIONS:EDIT] Displays the button used to edit a post.
[ACTIONS:LOCK] Displays the button used to lock a post.
[ACTIONS:MOVE] Displays the button used to move a post.
[ACTIONS:PIN] Displays the button used to pin a post to the top of the topics list.
[ACTIONS:QUOTE] Displays the button used to quote a post.
[ACTIONS:REPLY] Displays a button used to add a reply.
[ADDREPLY] The main button used to add a reply.
[AF:CONTROL:ADDTHIS] Adds a button used for social bookmarking.
[AF:CONTROL:EMAIL] A small envelope icon used for emailing posts.
[AF:CONTROL:PRINTER] A small printer icon that links to a printer friendly display.
[AF:CONTROL:TAGS][/AF:CONTROL:TAGS] The beginning and end of the tag display section.
[AF:PROFILE:PMLINK] Links to the private messaging module specified in the settings.
[AF:PROFILE:PMURL] Broad URL to the private messaging module.
[ATTACHMENTS] Displays the attachments included with a post.
[BANNER] Inserts a banner add.
[DATECREATED] The date the post was created.
[FORUMGROUPLINK] The link to the forum group.
[FORUMLINK] The link to the forum.
[FORUMMAINLINK] The link to the main forum view.
[FORUMNAME] The name of the forum.
[GROUPNAME] The name of a forum group.
[INTERESTS] The user’s interests.
[JUMPTO] A small drop down list of the forums, allowing fast navigation.
[LOCATION] The user’s location.
[MEMBERSINCE] The date when the user registered their account.
[MODIPADDRESS] The IP address of the user. Only visible by moderators.
[NOPAGING] This token removes the pager. Useful for blog type posts.
[OCCUPATION] The user’s occupation.
[PAGER1] The menu of page numbers.
[PAGER2] Another menu of page numbers.
[POLLRESULTS] This is the graph of results from a poll.
[POSTDATE] The date of the post.
[POSTID] The id of the individual post.
[POSTINFO] Displays the postinfo template.
[POSTINFOCSS] Renders the appropriate CSS class for the post info template.
[POSTRATINGBUTTON] The 5 star system used to rate a topic.
[POSTREPLYCSS] Displays the appropriate CSS for replies.
[POSTS] The number of posts a topic has had.
[QUICKREPLY] The quick reply form.
[RANKDISPLAY] Displays the picture representing a user’s rank.
[RANKNAME] The name of a users rank.
[REPLY][/REPLY] This indicates the beginning and end of the replies section.
[REPLYCOUNT] The number of replies a topic has had.
[ROLES:ROLE1;ROLE2] Displays the role to which the author may belong. For example, [ROLES:Administrators;Registered Users]
[SIGNATURE] The user’s signature.
[SORTDROPDOWN] The drop down box used to sort the display order of posts.
[SPACER:HH:WW] This will insert a transparent .gif to use as spacer to assist with layout and formatting.
[SUBJECT] The subject of the topic.
[TOOLBAR] The toolbar that has links to profiles, the control panel, etc.
[TOPIC][/TOPIC] This indicates the start and end of the topic display section.
[TOPICSUBSCRIBE] The button used to subscribe to a topic.
[USERCAPTION] The caption for a user.
[USERID] The user’s id number.
[USERNAME] The username.
[USERSTATUS] Shows if a user is online or offline.
[VIEWCOUNT] The number of view a topic has had.
[WEBSITE] The user’s website

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