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Installing Active Forums on DotNetNuke

Installation of Active Forums on DotNetNuke follows the standard module installation process for any module or extension for DotNetNuke.  The following instructions assume you have already installed a working copy of DotNetNuke, are familiar with the installations process and have valid host credentials on the DotNetNuke instance you want to install this module on.

Backup Your Site

Always backup your application and database prior to installing or upgrading any module.  Performing a backup varies based on the hosting company you’re using to host your site.  Follow your hosting companies’ instructions for performing both a SQL Server (database) backup and an application files (DNN) backup prior to the installation ort upgrading of Active Forums on your installation. 

Installing Active Forums

  • Download the latest Active Forums Module released code
  • Login to your DotNetNuke instance using your Host credentials
  • Navigate to the Host | Extensions Menu
  • Click on the Extensions Icon
  • Follow the Extensions Installation Wizard Steps:
    • Select the installation package you downloaded previously
    • Complete the wizard steps
    • Accept the license and install
  • The extension wizard should complete
  • The module is now installed

Adding Active Forums to a Page on your Portal

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Upgrading an existing Active Forums Module

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