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There are other options that can be configured for the Active Forums module that are not available in the control panel. These are located in the actual module settings, then the Active Forums Settings tab.

To get to the additional options, make sure you are in edit mode, and select settings from the container settings. Then select the Active Forums Settings tab.

The options that are available to change here include:
  • Display Settings
    • Forum mode (Standard or Social Groups)
    • Theme
    • Template
    • Default Page Size
  • Content Options
  • Community Options
    • Profile Type
    • Messaging Type (default DNN or Ventrian messaging)
    • Avatar Size
    • User Signatures
    • Member Name Display Format (username, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, or Display Name)
    • Points System
  • Advanced Options
    • Enable Friendly URLs
    • Forum Base Path
    • Category Path
    • Tag Path
    • Views Path
    • Full Text Search
    • Mail Queue

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