Journal entry posting

Sep 19, 2012 at 8:42 PM

A few questions related to the journal entries of Active Forums:

1) Is there a way to change the data/format of the journal entry post that is generated when you create a new topic or respond to a topic?  I'd like to add the [STATUS] token to show info, questions, and resolved along with other tokens like the reply count.

2) Is it possible to have the replies display under the creation journal entry with new replies causing the journal entry to sort to the top because of the new activity?

       - I'm trying to show the conversation flow in the journal (e.g. the original topic followed by the last x replies)

3) It appears the journal entry text is the post's summary and, if not present, the first 150 characters of the body.   Can it be adjusted to display either more characters or the entire body in the journal entry?