Importing function with multiple ref cursors in Stored Procedure of Oracle 12c database Using EF6


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I can able to import function for stored procedure of oracle db and able to add the complex type and get the output but i tried to import the below procedure which having two ref cursors and unable to retrieve the column information. Only able to retrieve the columns of first ref cursor. Please help me to get the result of two ref cursors which acting as out parameters. I m using entity data model database first approach.
procedure ibp_countrystate_getlist
           p_country_id   in     number,           
           p_cntry_getlist out   SYS_REFCURSOR,
           p_state_getlist out   SYS_REFCURSOR
      open   p_cntry_getlist  for      
        select country_pid,country_code,country_name,country_fname
        from     ibt_country_master
        where     country_pid=p_country_id
        and       country_status in ('A','D');
     open p_state_getlist for    
        select state_pid,state_code,state_name,state_country_id
        from  ibt_state_master
        where state_country_id=p_country_id
        and state_status in('A','D');
Added the below config in my webconfig file...
    <version number="*">
<storedProcedure schema="C##TEST" name="IBP_COUNTRYSTATE_GETLIST">
          <refCursor name="P_CNTRY_GETLIST">
            <bindInfo mode="Output" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="0" columnName="COUNTRY_PID" providerType="Decimal" allowDBNull="false" nativeDataType="Number" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="1" columnName="COUNTRY_CODE" providerType="Varchar2" allowDBNull="true" nativeDataType="Varchar2" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="2" columnName="COUNTRY_NAME" providerType="Varchar2" allowDBNull="true" nativeDataType="Varchar2" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="3" columnName="COUNTRY_FNAME" providerType="Varchar2" allowDBNull="true" nativeDataType="Varchar2" />
          <refCursor name="P_STATE_GETLIST">
            <bindInfo mode="Output" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="0" columnName="STATE_PID" providerType="Decimal" allowDBNull="false" nativeDataType="Number" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="1" columnName="STATE_CODE" providerType="Varchar2" allowDBNull="true" nativeDataType="Varchar2" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="2" columnName="STATE_NAME" providerType="Varchar2" allowDBNull="true" nativeDataType="Varchar2" />
            <metadata columnOrdinal="3" columnName="STATE_COUNTRY_ID" providerType="Decimal" allowDBNull="false" nativeDataType="Number" />

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supermansrf wrote Mar 21, 2015 at 12:36 AM

Just so you know this module has been moved to github. https://github.com/activeforums/activeforums

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