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6.1.3 beta issues


Running the beta version here are a list of some issues:
  • DNN HTML Editor does not show up. No way to bold, list, link... like here in codeplex for example be nice to have some basic editor features and a way to allow/disallow them as far as the TEXTBOX goes. (quick reply has more options than making a post)
  • The "Reply" between "Quote" and "Alert" bugs out showing the message
  • Only first two links in a post get turned into clickable links when posting a number of links. The rest of the urls are not clickable. And if you edit the post it loses the link because it changes the url to shorten it.
  • Extra spaces are entered after the link and line after posting/saving so when you go to edit there are a lot of extra spaces (posting a series of links with lines such as the following will do it)
  • Thumbs up but no Thumbs down
  • Feature: Top of the forum option show a logged in users latest post/viewed post. (just the top 2 or a way to set the number of posts shown)
  • Feature: Option to show Hot Topics (just the top 2 or a way to set the number of posts shown)
  • Feature: Only allow users to only edit a post until someone else replies to the post before allowing them to reply to avoid trolling in a nice way (some people don't know what trolling even is, this shuts that down preventing users from feeling bad posting and others from abusing posts). When a user tries to post reply it asks the user to edit their last post on any thread instead of posting a new one.
Some food for thought :)


Thabaum wrote Feb 19, 2015 at 3:32 AM

Another idea for the last one is to just append the users message if they post two or three times to the last message they wrote if no one else has replied yet. Even time stamp the added messages so its like a chat box so a user can post something... then add to the post later without "Trolling"

supermansrf wrote Feb 19, 2015 at 4:03 AM

Can you please post on github. This area is dead.