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Permissions Overview

Please reference the following permissions and their appropriate definition

Action Definition
View Ability to view the list of topics
Read Ability to click on the topic and view the full thread
Create Ability to create new topics
Reply Ability to reply to topics
Edit Ability to edit a topic that is already created
Delete Ability to delete a topic that is already created
Lock Ability to lock a topic
Pin Ability to pin a topic
Attach Ability to add attachments to posts
Poll Ability to create a poll within a topic
Trust Determines whether a post will be automatically approved when the forum is set to moderated
Subscribe Ability to subscribe to forums and topics
Announce Ability to create topic announcement
Tag Ability to create tags for topics
Categorize Ability to associate topics with specific categories
Prioritize Ability to change the sort priority of topics
ModApprove Ability to approve posts
ModMove Ability to move posts
ModSplit Ability to split posts from one topic and move to another (not sure if implemented currently)
ModDelete Ability to delete any post
ModUser Ability to view and modify user data
ModEdit Ability to edit any post
Mod Lock Ability to lock any post
ModPin Ability to pin any post

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