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Instructions for use

the script is still in a test release, not currently recommended for production

Always test on a copy of your production site before using in production, you've been warned
  1. Install Active Forums 5.0
  2. Place Active Forums module on a page
  3. Get the Module ID for the Active Forum module by navigating to the Module Settings (easiest to find when you have popups disabled in DNN 6, look at the URL of the Settings page. This ID will be your TargetModuleId
  4. Get the Module ID for the DNN Forum module on a page in the same manner as above. This ID will be your SourceModuleID
  5. Figure out your Portal ID by looking at the URL of your Host/Site Management page
  6. Get the latest copy of the Migration script grab v1.3 from this work item
  7. Find the two instances of CHANGEME in the script and put in your Target and Source module ids.
  8. Check the PortalId in the script, it is defaulted to 0, this may be correct for most of you
  9. If you are running this script in a SQL Query Window in SQL Server Management Studio (RECOMMENDED) search and replace the tokens {databaseOwner} and {objectQualifier} in the migration script. The values you will replace these tokens with will most likely be "dbo." and "", but you can verify by checking your web.config file and looking for objectQualifier and databaseOwner in there.
  10. You can execute the Script in the Host/SQL page and you don't have to search/replace for the tokens, DNN will do it for you, but because this script may take a while to run you probably don't want to run it via HOST/SQL
  11. Wait for the script to complete, this may take 15 to 20 minutes if you have a large site (testing a site with 53k topics and 434k replies it takes over 20 minutes to run)
  12. You should go through all of your Forums and Forum Groups and verify permissions and settings, you do this via the Control Panel in the Active Forum module. The migration script makes a lot of assumptions and has some default settings, so to be safe please verify every forum/setting.


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christoc Sep 9, 2013 at 6:00 PM 
Apparently this script won't work if you have multiple portals using ActiveForums.

Always backup your sites before making changes...

joiseystud Dec 30, 2012 at 5:41 PM 
I see this script is up to 1.5 now. Is this stable enough to go forward with now?