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Forum View Template

Template used for forums

Available Tokens for Forum View Template

Token Description
[AF:CONTROL:ADDFAVORITE] Adds a button that will add the page to the browser favorites menu.
[AF:CONTROL:TOGGLESUBSCRIBE] The button used to change subscription status.
[BREADCRUMB] The breadcrumb style forum navigation bar.
[DISPLAYNAME] The display name of the users.
[FORUMDESCRIPTION] The description of each forum.
[FORUMICON] The icon next to the forum name.
[FORUMICONSM] A smaller forum icon.
[FORUMNAME] The name of the forum.
[FORUMS][/FORUMS] This indicates the beginning and end of the forums section.
[GROUP][/GROUP] This indicates the beginning and end of the group display section.
[GROUPCOLLAPSE] The small arrows used to collapse the view of a forum group.
[GROUPNAME] The name of a forum group.
[GROUPSECTION][/GROUPSECTION] This indicates the beginning and end of a forum group section.
[JUMPTO] A small drop down list of the forums, allowing fast navigation.
[LASTPOST][/LASTPOST] This indicates the start and end of the last post section.
[LASTPOSTDATE] The date of the latest post.
[LASTPOSTSUBJECT:XX] The title of the latest topic. Replace XX with the number of characters you want to display.
[MODULEID] The id of the module.
[PORTALID] The id of the current portal.
[SPACER:HH:WW] This will insert a transparent .gif to use as spacer to assist with layout and formatting.
[STATISTICS] Forum statistics.
[SUBFORUMS][/SUBFORUMS] This indicates the beginning and end of the sub forums section.
[TABID] The id of the current tab.
[TEMPLATE:TOOLBAR] The template used for the toolbar.
[TOOLBAR] The toolbar that has links to profiles, the control panel, etc.
[TOTALREPLIES] The total number of replies in a forum.
[TOTALTOPICS] The total number of topics in a forum.
[USERID] The user’s id number.
[WHOSONLINE] A list of the currently online users.
[TRESX:FORUMHEADER] Value used to dsiplay the system defined header name for the Forum Column. The default value is "Forum".

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