Active Forums toolbar. Where can I edit the code?

Aug 3, 2013 at 9:27 PM
This problem that I'm still plagued with [toolbar buttons not directing correctly]. I have had to add the links in an HTML module above the toolbar which is not a good look.

Thought that I might be able to hard wire the toolbar buttons but I can't find where the code is in any template.

<div class="aftoolbarpanel">
<ul class="af-list-flat af-right">
    <li><a href="http:|||Resources|Forums|CaravanAndRVForums.aspx">Forums<|a><|li>
    <li><a href="http:|||Resources|Forums|CaravanAndRVForums|tabid|250|afv|search|Default.aspx">Search<|a><|li>
<ul class="af-list-flat af-left">
    <li><a href="|forums|views|unanswered|">Unanswered<|a><|li>
    <li><a href="|forums|views|notread|">Not Read<|a><|li>
    <li><a href="|forums|views|mytopics|">My Topics<|a><|li>
    <li><a href="|forums|views|activetopics|">Active Topics<|a><|li>
<div class="afclear"><|div>

I can fix this with links like this - |Resources|Forums|CaravanRVForums|tabid|250|afv|grid|afgt|unanswered|Default.aspx