Integrate Active Forum with DNN User Profile

May 17, 2013 at 9:17 AM
Hello, I have seen examples on the web of people integrating their active forum info to their dnn profile page.

I've been searching for a long time but cannot find out how to do to this.

Is this done by using tokens ?

Many thanks for your help.

P.S. In other words I am talking about integrating the rating and number of posts, and number of replies and other usefull bragging right to display on you dnn profile page...

Like this other users can see your community participation.

P.S. The QA module did this : if you insert the q&a module on your profile page, it automatically shows a petit widget of your topics/replies, etc.

For the Core Forum there's a free extension which ads your stats to the dnn profile, but it's not the most informative one and does not seem to work with Active Forum