05.00.04 Beta 3 Posted

Apr 2, 2013 at 2:02 AM
Just posted a new beta with several fixes and enhancements.

Includes everything from beta 2 plus:
  • Fixed the [BANNER] token in the topic view template.
  • Fixed the duplicate "AFPG" parameter that was causing problems for URL Master users.
  • Added support for a new [REPLYSEPARATOR] token to the topic view template (see below).
  • Added additional classes to the [CSS???INFO] tokens in the topic view template to support additional styling options.
Note: Some support for legacy templates was removed from the topic view template processor. It's very unlikely that anyone was using these options, but if you come across any new problems with the topic view rendering, please let me know.

Token Info: Some people have recently asked how to add a banner to the topic view template. This is done with the [BANNER] token or [BANNER:{bannergroup}]. If you don't specify the banner group, the default group is "FORUMS". The banner tag will inject a single banner using the standard DNN banner skin tag. If you need to specify more complex options, you can add the skin tag itself using <dnn:BANNER runat="server" />.

You can also inject a banner (or any other content) between each posts in the topic view using the new [REPLYSEPARATOR] token. Alternatively, you can use the [REPLYSEPARATOR:X] token to inject content before between 2 posts at a given position "X".

The following example shows how you could add a banner between the 2nd and 3rd post using the standard topic view template included in AF 5.
<tr><td colspan='3'>[BANNER]</td></tr>