Moderation Explained

Mar 28, 2013 at 3:30 AM
Since I just got done working with the moderation system, I thought I'd post a brief overview of how it all works. Maybe one of our editors can add some of this to the documentation wiki. :)

First, everything in this post requires AV v5.0.4 (which is currently in beta as of 3/27/13). Moderation exists in previous versions of AF 5, but unfortunately it does not work properly.


By default, users are "Neutral" meaning they are neither trusted or untrusted. A users trust level can be set using the mini user editor. The mini user editor is only visible to Admin/Host accounts and requires that the [AF:BUTTON:EDITUSER] be added to the PostInfo template.

Users can also be trusted if they are in a role that has "Trust" permissions in the forum settings. Note that there is currently not a way to make a user "untrusted" by role.

The final way that a user can be trusted is through the AutoTrust settings (see below).


Once moderation is turned on for a forum, the default trust level for that forum can be set to either "Trusted" or "Untrusted".

If moderation is turned on for a forum and it's default trust level is set to "Untrusted", then all Untrusted or Neutral users will be moderated. Only trusted users will not be subject to moderation. This is useful if you want to approve all posts that go into a forum.

If moderation is turned on for a forum and it's default trust level is set to "Trusted", then only "Untrusted" users will be subject to moderation. Neutral and trusted users will NOT be subject to moderation. This is useful if you generally don't want to use moderation, but you have one or more troublesome users that need to be moderated.

An "Auto Trust" level can also be set for a forum. Users who have made a number of posts greater than or equal to the auto-trust level will not be subject to moderation. Note that users who have been set to "Not Trusted" will always be subject to moderation. For this reason, the Auto Trust setting only has meaning of the Default Trust Level for the forum is set to "Untrusted".

Moderation Actions

Any users that is in a role that has the "ModApprove" right for a given forum, will receive a standard DNN notification when a post need to be approved in a moderated forum. Moderators can either approve or reject the post directly from the notification page.

Once a post is approved, notifications will be sent and journal items will be added.

Note that there are some email templates associated with moderation. At this point, I haven't taken the time to figure out which of those templates are still in use. I will post a follow up once I have more information.

Minimum Post Counts

For each forum or forum group, you can specify a minimum number of posts that a user must have before they can create a topic and/or post replies to a topic in that forum. This differs from normal moderation in that the user is not given the ability to post at all until they have met the minimum post requirements (by posting in other less restricted forums).

Note that users marked as "Trusted" or in a "Trusted" role, will not be subject to minimum post count restrictions.