Migration issues DNN to AF

Mar 22, 2013 at 8:45 AM
So I ran into this both times I have migrated so far. I have a few issues. First, On a few of my forums, and its kinda strange which ones, the latest post shows 31 Dec 1899 but when I go into the forum, none of them show that as a date. It seems like in both cases so far, its the only group that has a single forum in it. The rest of the groups have several forums and all show accurate last post info.

Christoc, in your notes, you mentioned that you had to fix sort order on forums directly in the DB. Does this have anything to do with that? If so what and where did you do that?

Both successful migrations have been with relatively small forums. I have failed trying to run the query via Mgmt studio but both worked perfect ran inside the portal directly. I changed {databaseowner} to dbo and objectqualifier to ''' oh crap, was it supposed to be dbo. ?

I saved my error rpt file, but was a little uneasy just pasting it here as this is a clone of an active site. Anyone have any suggestions how I can share this info with someone who knows how to read it? None of it makes any sense to me. JB/Chris either of you care to look at it?

The biggest thing here really is the post from 1899. Don't think it was around then.